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QVT - Query/View/Transformation

QVT is a language used to transform (meta)models. It uses extended OCL (Object Constraint Language) in combination with a domain specific language: Relations, Core or Operational. The latter is an imperative language, while the other two are declarative.

At the moment, the Operational variant is the one supported best. There are several implementations (see Links), I chose to use the Eclipse M2M implementation.

Unfortunately, there isn't much documentation available: just the official OMG specifications and a German book about QVTO by Siegfried Nolte. There is however an M2M forum. Thanks to the people over there, I learned to use QVTO.

To thank them for their help, I decided to write a basic tutorial about QVTO, because there isn't one around yet (except for a rather difficult one, an EclipseCon presentation).

I hope the tutorial is understandable, even for people who are completely new to QVT. If you have questions, suggestions or remarks, please don't hesitate to send me a message!

[Edited: April 14 2010, Pieter Barendrecht]