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Note that I also wrote my Bachelor Thesis on QVT, it can be downloaded here: click to download PDF file. There is also a section with relevant links: QVT links. Any questions? See this page. Enjoy this tutorial!

Update June 2012: Thanks for your nice e-mails, keep 'em coming! As you might have noticed, I haven't updated this tutorial since April 2010. If you notice anything that doesn't work anymore, please let me know.

Throughout this tutorial, I assume that you have installed Eclipse Modeling Tools or something similar. This is important because I will use .ecore files, and describe settings as they appear in Eclipse.

Structure of this tutorial:
  1. Description of the Model
  2. Description of the MetaModels
  3. Creating an Instance of MMA
  4. Start transformation (modeltype, transformation, main function)
  5. Mapping (declaration, conditions)
  6. Resolving (normal and special cases)
  7. Inheritance
  8. Helpers (Queries) and objects
  9. Testing the finished transformation
  10. Other useful QVT/OCL options
  11. Global parameters, standalone execution, future...
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